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  • Volume-1 issue-1 2017

    last date 31st March 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Whether we are allowed to access the paper after publish?
A: Absolutely, all papers are accessible to anyone at free of cost.It will be available at our site.
Q : How much is the cost for the publication of paper?
A: Using Our Journal you can publish your paper digitally.
IJUST has following fees policy:
Online Publication for India : INR 1900 per copy
Online Publication for others : USD 48$ per copy
Q : How to submit a Paper?
A: Submit your manuscript in MS word format(.doc extention) through our website and mail it at .
Q : When should we submit any papers?
A: Authors can submit their manuscript during Issure Time. You can view Date of new Issue on our website. If it is accepted then it will publish in next upcoming issue. Also you will get confirmation mail for publishing and for digital certificate.
Q : When will I get an acknowledgement for my submission?
A: IJSUT provides acnowledgement within 24 hours through mail.
Q : How long it will take for paper review process?
A: IJUST normally takes 7 days for review of the paper. Your paper will be reviewed by industrial expert and doctrate scholar.
Q : Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form?
A: If your paper is selected, download the Copy Right Form from the page and send to
Q : Why to submit to IJUST?
A: International Journal Universal Science and Technology (IJUST) is a team of researchers not publication services or private publications running the journals for monetary benefits, we are association of scientists and academia who focus only publish good quality papers in IJUST in minimum possible time. It guarantees a maximum exposure of all IJUSTís published articles in various indexing sites/databases.
Q : How to deposit publication fees?
A: If your paper is accepted for publication, with the acceptance letter of your paper you will get the Account detail in which you can deposit fees simply by going your nearly bank branch or by online transfer. Also you can pay fees through online transfer through our website.
Q : On which months IJUST issue will be publish?
A: IJUST publishes issues on every two month (bi-monthly).
Q : How to join the Reviewers Committee?
A: We welcome applications to join the Reviewers committee. You have to attach your c.v. in mail and send it to Please kindly allow 2-3 weeks for processing your application.